Here at Vancouver Smile Studio, we know that the look and feel of your teeth are important. Your teeth, like any part of your body, are something that you use and interact with on a daily basis. Any small imperfection, over time, can seem like a big problem. Fortunately, there are some dental problems which can be addressed through dental bonding, which is a quick, painless, and effective way to fix cracks, small gaps, and other damage.

Doctors Leslie and Tamara Gallon have been providing patients in the Vancouver, BC area with high quality dental bonding and other cosmetic procedures for years, and are extremely experienced when it comes to implementing dental bonds into the dental care of any patient where bonding could improve their general quality of life.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

  • A “bond” is typically made from a composite material, which has been colored and shaped to match the natural look and curve of a tooth. Bonds can be applied to both the top and bottom of teeth, when necessary.
  • We’ll look at your teeth, and examine any damage to determine whether or not a bond will be the best option. If so, we’ll prepare the site where the bond will be placed.
  • The bond will be customized to fit your dental profile, and then applied to the tooth with a strong, waterproof adhesive. It will then be finished, polished, and blended so that it matches the look of your tooth perfectly.
  • In time, you may be scheduled for a follow up exam to check on the bond and ensure that it is still the right look and feel for you.

What Problems Can Bonding Address?

  • Bonds can be used to fix broken teeth, which includes chipping that is caused by physical damage, or decay which has caused a part of the tooth to physically break off. Although the extent of the damage determines whether or not bonding will be your best option, be rest assured that there are many issues which a bond may be suitable for.
  • Bonds can also be used after a cavity has been properly cleared and filled, in the event that small parts of the tooth may have been damaged by the cavity. This is usually the case with cavities in the front-facing teeth.
  • Bonds can be used to reshape and correct issues with teeth that may have grown with an improper shape. Improperly shaped teeth may be more vulnerable to breakage from biting, which is why a bond may actually protect you from damage that you haven’t experienced yet.
  • Finally, bonds can be used to fill small gaps between teeth. Much like veneers, bonds have a cosmetic application that allows you to “fill in” missing tooth tissue in a way that is affordable, pain free, and relatively quick to implement.

Why Choose Bonding?

One of the best reasons to choose a bond is that it’s extremely competitive when compared to the prices of other cosmetic procedures that might address the same issue. For example, you may have the option of getting a full crown replacement, or choosing veneer caps, but if bonding can correct the issue, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars and spend much less time sitting in the dentist’s chair.

You’ll also find that bonding can address cosmetic issues that would otherwise take years to correct in some cases, such as small gaps between teeth which would otherwise require braces. Bonding not only gives cosmetic improvements, but it can also help to improve the actual functionality of your teeth as well.

Is Bonding Best for Me?

The best way to discover whether or not bonding is your best option is to speak with us at Vancouver Smile Studio and make an appointment for a consultation. We’ll review your dental history, examine your current dental health, and make a determination as to whether bonding will be the best way to address any concerns that you may have with your teeth. We can also offer information on how we perform dental bonding, what you can expect after a bond has been completed, and the best way to take care of your bond for long lasting, satisfying results.